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About MENTIVO Wellness

Welcome to MENTIVO Wellness: Your Path to Wellness
At MENTIVO Wellness, we are dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey toward optimal health and wellness. Our unique approach to wellness encompasses the Mind, Education, Naturopathic Medicine, Total Person/Body, Integration, Variable Strategies, and the Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent God.



M - Mind:
Understanding the power of the mind-body connection, we emphasize the importance of mental wellness in achieving overall wellness. Our approach includes mindfulness practices, stress reduction techniques, and counseling to support your emotional and mental well-being.


E - Education:
We believe that knowledge is a catalyst for positive change. Docere is Latin for doctor. Docere means to teach or instruct. As educators, we empower you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. Our commitment to education ensures that you have the tools to take charge of your wellness journey.


N - Naturopathic Medicine:
Naturopathic medicine forms the core of our approach. By blending traditional healing practices with evidence-based natural therapies, we address the root causes of health challenges. Our naturopathic doctors work collaboratively with you to create personalized treatment plans that promote lasting wellness.


T - Total Person/Body:
Recognizing that wellness is multifaceted, we consider the entirety of your being. Our holistic approach takes into account not only your physical health but also your emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. This comprehensive view ensures a balanced and integrated approach to your wellness.


I - Integrated:
We understand that true wellness is achieved through the integration of various healing modalities. Our practitioners collaborate to create a synergistic approach that maximizes the benefits of naturopathic medicine, counseling, and other therapies to create a tailored plan that works for you.


V - Variable Strategies:
Every individual is unique, and so are their wellness needs. Our variable strategies adapt to your specific needs. Whether it's nutrition, herbal remedies, lifestyle modifications, or mindfulness practices, we work with you to create flexible treatment plans that evolve with your progress.


O - Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent:
Our vision extends beyond the physical realm. We believe in an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God, and we also believe that spirituality is important to wellness, however, we also understand that you may not share our beliefs, and as such, we only incorporate spirituality into your appointment if you are interested. 


Connect with MENTIVO Wellness:
We hope you choose us for your holistic wellness journey by scheduling your appointment now. Our practitioners are here to support and guide you on your path to wellness.

About Dr. Crystal Sciarini

Dr. Crystal Sciarini: Bridging Holistic Wellness Through Personal Journey

Dr. Crystal Sciarini is a beacon of hope, healing, and transformation in the world of holistic wellness. Dr. Sciarini's inspiring journey, marked by her naturopathic doctorate degree from National University of Health Sciences and her role as a dedicated mental health counselor, underscores her commitment to empowering individuals on their paths to wellness.

Dr. Crystal Sciarini's remarkable journey began with her unwavering faith in God, curiosity, and empathy. From an early age, she demonstrated a deep passion for understanding the intricate connection between mind and body, a passion that would shape her future career. After years of chronic health challenges and personal trauma, she embarked on a quest for healing that eventually led her to naturopathic medicine.



Dr. Sciarini's educational experience was marked by hard work and perseverance. She received her naturopathic doctorate from the esteemed National University of Health Sciences, where she immersed herself in the holistic principles of natural medicine. This broad education established the groundwork for her distinct approach to wellness, which takes into account the full individual - mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Sciarini is currently expanding her counseling skills with a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University.


A Healing Path

Dr. Sciarini's own struggles with chronic illness and triumphant journey through personal trauma are at the heart of her God-led purpose. She harnessed her experiences and her belief in God to fuel her desire to help others achieve wellness. As a naturopathic doctor, a mental health counselor, and an Apostolic, she provides a comprehensive approach that treats the underlying causes of health issues and encourages long-term healing of the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. 


Naturopathic Expertise

Dr. Sciarini's naturopathic doctorate allows her to include evidence-based natural remedies in her practice. Her approach includes homeopathy, botanical medicine, light and sound therapies, lifestyle changes, and other modalities and treatments that are tailored to the specific needs of her patients. She empowers people to take control of their health journeys by integrating traditional wisdom with current science.


Mental Health and Wellness
Recognizing the impact of mental well-being on overall health, Dr. Sciarini's role as a mental health counselor complements her naturopathic practice. She provides a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore their emotional challenges while also offering practical strategies to support their healing process.


Inspiration and Transformation
Dr. Crystal Sciarini's journey is one of resilience, transformation, and compassion. Through her personal journey, she has become a guiding light for those seeking to overcome adversity and embrace holistic wellness. Her story serves as a testament to the potential for healing, growth, and empowerment that resides within each individual.


Connect with Dr. Crystal Sciarini
Dr. Sciarini's dedication to promoting holistic wellness extends beyond her practice. Connect with her through her website and social media accounts to access insightful articles, resources, and updates on upcoming workshops and speaking engagements. Join her community of individuals committed to enhancing their well-being and embarking on transformative journeys of their own.

Dr. Sciarini and Ginger

Apostolic centered

Naturopathic educated

Counselor trained